Garage Fire Safety

Lately, we have seen an above average number of fires started in garages.  The garage is a common place for a fire to start but there are several things you can do to help prevent a fire from starting in your garage and spreading to the rest of the house:

1.  Make sure all hot coals from grills or fireplaces are placed in a metal can and outside away from the house.
2.  Make sure to have at least a 3 foot clearance between all heaters and combustible items, so these items are not ignited by the heater.
3. Store flammable and combustible liquids (i.e. gasoline) in a properly designed container made for the specific product.  If possible store these items in an outside shed away from the house.
4.  Store oil soaked rags in a metal container outside of the house.  These rags can spontaneously ignite, starting a fire.
5.  Keep your garage clear of clutter as much as possible.
6.  Unplug extension cords and other temporary electrical sources when not in use.
7.  Never run a car, generator or other gas-powered engine in a garage, always use these outside away from the house because of the risk of carbon monoxide entering into the house.

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