03/08/2015 Structure Fire

On March 8th, units were dispatched for a possible building fire on Sunchase Blvd. A Boone County Sheriff’s deputy was on scene investigating a burglar alarm at the residence when he smelled something burning inside the residence. He did not open the structure and had fire units dispatched. Car-379 was first on scene and established incident command with no visible signs of smoke from side A of the structure. On approach to the building, the smell of smoke was present. Engine 352 was asked to bring forcible entry tools and a charged hose line to the front door.

Car 376 arrived on scene and completed a 360 degree walk-around finding a small amount of smoke coming from a vent over the kitchen. As more crews arrived on scene, the crews forced the front door and advanced the charged hose line and extinguished the fire. Engine 351 arrived on scene and was asked to establish a water supply to Engine 352. Ladder 360 also arrived on scene and prepared for aerial operations if necessary. The fire was extinguished and positive pressure ventilation was established. The smoke conditions were deemed safe by our instruments. An investigation by HFPD personnel determined the fire started in a trash can sitting next to a kitchen island, which contributed to flame-spread along with hardwood flooring. The homeowner indicated the trash can that started the fire had contained ashes from a fireplace.

The fire damage in the home was minor and the smoke damage moderate.

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