Hebron Hosts Training by St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Hebron, Ky – The week of March 18th, Hebron Fire Protection District hosted in-house training from St. Elizabeth Healthcare. The training consisted of an excellent lecture reviewing ventilation and End-Tidal CO2 as well as two hands-on simulations. High fidelity mannequins from St. Elizabeth’s Training and Education Center (SETEC) were utilized during the scenarios to provide the best learning experience possible.

Additionally, Hebron personnel had the opportunity to train St. Elizabeth Staff on the effectiveness of the Defibtech Lifeline Arm, which have been carried on Hebron ALS Ambulances since late 2017. The Lifeline Arm is a mechanical CPR device that enables medical providers to improve the effectiveness of CPR.

“High-quality continuing education is a pillar of this department,” stated Chief Anthony Scheben. “Whether we are reinforcing previously obtained knowledge or learning new concepts and skills; all of these things contribute to the best possible care being provided to our community.”

If you would like training on CPR, AEDs, or first aid, Hebron Fire Protection District offers a class on the first Saturday of every month starting at 9 a.m. The cost is $25, which covers educational materials and your certification card. You can contact us at 859-586-9009 if you have any questions.

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