Hebron Fire to Offer CPR/AED/First Aid Training Starting August 2020

Hebron, Ky – Starting in August 2020 Hebron Fire Protection District will again offer CPR/AED/First Aid courses to the public and businesses. There will be new restrictions and guidelines due to current recommendations. If you plan to attend or schedule a CPR/AED/First Aid course with us, please review the information below. Please pay special attention to the sign-up link at the bottom of this page if you plan to attend our monthly CPR/AED/First Aid training.

CPR/AED & First Aid Training Guidelines

As state, county and municipal governments continue to re-open and ease restrictions, the HFPD has seen fit to begin resuming monthly CPR/AED and first aid classes at Station 1 on the first Saturday of every month. For companies requesting a class on-site at their facility, WE WILL NEED A MINIMUM OF 2 WEEKS ADVANCED NOTICE prior to the desired date of the class. This is to allow sufficient time for us to evaluate our staffing, secure an instructor and assist the requesting company in mitigating any health & safety concerns, if necessary. Approval of an off-site class will be determined on a case-by-case basis. At this time, the department’s primary concern is for the health and safety of students & instructors. We have an obligation to teach COVID safe. What follows are the rules we will abide by and enforce for all classes, whether at Station 1 or at an off-site facility:

1) Teach smaller classes. Class size will be limited to 8. This is due to the number of manikins and AED trainers we have available for use.

2) Every student will have their own manikin and AED trainer.

3) Spacing between classroom seats will be enforced at Station 1 and is highly encourage at off-site classes.

4) Mask use WILL be mandatory for the entire duration of every class. Students and/or the facility will be responsible for providing masks. The HFPD WILL NOT provide masks. Should an individual not come to class equipped with a mask, they WILL NOT be permitted to participate.

5) Glove use during the skills portion of the class will be enforced. Gloves WILL be provided by the HFPD to all students.

6) Rescue breaths will be verbalized only.

7) Hand hygiene, including the use of hand sanitizer before and after skills sessions, will be enforced.

8) On the day of the scheduled class, a COVID screening will be conducted. This includes questions and a temperature check. If a student has a positive COVID screening, they WILL NOT be permitted to participate in the class.

PLEASE NOTE: For classes occurring at Station 1 on the first Saturday of the month, students will need to register for the class via a Sign-up Genius. This is first come first serve. Please follow the link, which can be located at hebronfire.org.


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