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2021 EMT Refresher

HFPD is once again hosting our annual EMT-Basic Refresher course December 3th – 6th. 24 hours of CEU training covered for NREMT-EMT Basic Life Support CPR Card Included Cost is $10 Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we are not hosting … Continue reading

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Annual EMT Refresher

HFPD is once again hosting our annual EMT-Basic Refresher course December 4th – 7th. Cost is $10 and includes your CPR card. Click here to view the flyer. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we are not hosting in-person classes. The … Continue reading

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Hebron Fire to Offer CPR/AED/First Aid Training Starting August 2020

Hebron, Ky – Starting in August 2020 Hebron Fire Protection District will again offer CPR/AED/First Aid courses to the public and businesses. There will be new restrictions and guidelines due to current recommendations. If you plan to attend or schedule … Continue reading

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Training Events

HFPD puts a great deal of emphasis into properly training all personnel to be able to handle multiple emergency types.  Members typically train at least one hour each shift in Fire, EMS, Hazmat, Prevention or Rescue.  Joint trainings are often conducted with neighboring departments since we work with them often on-scene.  Below are some examples of the training we conduct.

HFPD Conducts Ladder and SCBA Training
Members of HFPD & Burlington participated in an SCBA endurance course set-up by Burlington Fire Protection District.  The course was designed to test how long the firefighters could make an air bottle last while working.

HFPD Participates in Live Burn
Members of HFPD, Burlington, Belleview-McVille, Petersburg and Walton all participated in live burn training at the Boone County Training Center.  Training was conducted on fighting basement fires and search and rescue.  The training utilized the burn building at the training center and was a good opportunity for all members to refine their skills.

HFPD Attends Airport Disaster Drill
Members of HFPD along with all other tri-state departments attended the 2008 Cincinnati Airport Disaster Drill.  This year was a simulated runway collision between two airplanes.  The drill went very well and now departments are more prepared for this type of disaster.

HFPD Conducts Aerial Training W/ BFPD
Members of Hebron Fire Protection District and Burlington Fire Protection District met at the Boone County Training Center to conduct aerial ladder training.  The training took place the week of July 21, 2008 and familiarized each department with the other’s equipment.  This training will help both departments as they work together on incidents in the future.

HFPD Conducts Ventilation Training
Members of HFPD participated in ventilation training during the month of June 2008 at the Boone County Training Center.  The training center has a roof prop that is set-up for ventilation training.  This is valuable training to gain experience, since this is a task that is not performed a lot in field.

HFPD Conducts Ice Rescue Training
Members of HFPD participated in ice rescue training throughout the month of January.  Every full-time member of the HFPD will be trained to the Ice Rescue Specialist level.  The training covers how to rescue a person who has fallen through the ice.

HFPD Conducts Hotel Fire Training
HFPD and PPFD members conducted training on hotel fires at the Airport Inn in Erlanger.  The hotel is slated to be demolished and was donated to the fire department for use in training.  Members practiced forcible entry, high rise, and laddering operations.  Having this building is a unique opportunity to practice skills that we are usually unable to practice on an actual hotel.

HFPD Conducts Air Bag Training
HFPD members trained on the use of airbags for extrication use.  Members simulated that a car had fallen off of a jack and onto a person and used the airbags to raise the vehicle off of the victim.  HFPD carries several different kinds and sizes of airbags for different uses in extrication of a victim from a vehicle or machine.

HFPD Conducts Live Burn Training
HFPD members conducted live burn training on Monday March 26, 2007.  Members of A shift and several volunteers did several evolutions.  On the final burn we let the house burn to the ground to get rid of it for a future industrial park.  Thanks to the Paul Hemmer Construction Company for providing the house to us to use for this valuable training.

HFPD Members Participate in TRT Ice Rescue Training
Members of HFPD along with Erlanger and Point Pleasant fire departments participated in Ice Rescue Training on Feb. 10, 2007 at Doe Run Lake, in Erlanger.  The training was hosted by the Northern Kentucky Technical Rescue Team, which several HFPD personnel are members of.  The training was instructed by AO/Emt Craig Smith and was meant to be a refresher since most members are already certified.  The training was very similar to the recent training of the BCSWRT in Hebron.  The BCSWRT works with NKTRT for water rescues.

HFPD Conducts Live Fire Training
Members of HFPD used an acquired house on Langley Blvd. to conduct live fire training.  Several trainings have already been held at the house.  This training deals with setting an actual house on fire, in a controlled manner, to give firefighters actual firefighting training.  Point Pleasant and Petersburg fire departments have also participated in training at this house.

Boone County Swift Water Rescue Team Holds Training
Members of HFPD and other Boone County departments participated in training for the new Boone County Swift Water Rescue Team.  The training this month was Ice Rescue and was held at a lake at HK Systems in Hebron.  The team consists of members of HFPD and other area departments and responds to swift water and ice rescue incidents.

HFPD Hosts Hazmat Technician Course 2006
Sixteen students from nine different agencies throughout Northern Kentucky attended a forty-hour Hazmat Technician course at Hebron Station 1 from June 12th through June 16th.  Three of the students were from two different law enforcement agencies.  This course consists of training the participants to contain, control, and identify hazardous material spills and leaks.  The course was sponsored by the Northern Kentucky WMD/Hazardous Materials Response Unit and Boone County Emergency Management and was instructed by BCEM Deputy Director and HFPD Lt. Bill Fletcher.